Don't worry your pretty little head  

Back in 1958, the comedian, Lenny Bruce encouraged people to reconsider the English language and think about how it is used. A quote from Lenny Bruce is included below.

As a parent to a daughter (and husband to a wife) I've often thought of the sexist vitriol that permeates our language. As a fan of cinema, I'm intrigued by film scripts and how they use language. I started noticing this unique phrase last year and have become obsessed by it. It appears to be one of the most sexist and demeaning group of words. I can barely think of a phrase that is more insulting and dismissive. The purpose of this website is to highlight that phrase, and to think about how it's been used in the past. I’ve found many films and TV show that included that phrase. I think the time has come to identify and remove these hateful words and phrases from our language.

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